School of Informatics

The Human Brain Project

Academics from the School of Informatics are among those involved in Europe’s largest and most ambitious brain project to date.


The Human Brain Project (HBP), coordinated by academics in Switzerland, is a 10-year project initiative (2013-2023) that has gained Future and Emerging Technologies Initiative (FET) flagship support with a grant of 1.19bn euros.

The project will look at advancing our understanding of the nervous system by using powerful and sophisticated supercomputers to model and simulate the human brain.

One of the planned outcomes of the project is to develop a platform that facilitates a multidisciplinary and integrative approach to the study of the human brain. This will significantly advance the current understanding of fundamental neuroscience.

The project has already been forecasted to revolutionise the way scientists study the nervous system but also bring about positive outcomes in the area of computer science and neuro-robotics.

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