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EPSRC Backs Student Centre

A Centre for Doctoral Training in Data Science (CDT) has launched at the University's School of Informatics.

The CDT is established with £4.7m funding from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and £5.3m of direct and in-kind support from the University and 34 external partners, including Microsoft, IBM, Google, Amazon, Apple and Xerox.

It is designed to help create a new generation of data scientists for our increasingly data-driven society.

Postgraduate study

Beginning this year, 10 students each year - for the next five years - will join the Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT).

Each student will undertake a year-long Masters programme, an internship with an industry partner, and a three-year PhD.

Data science has the potential to transform the way we work.

Professor Chris WilliamsSchool of Informatics

Mining information

Data science is concerned with extracting useful knowledge from vast streams of information.

It has applications in a range of areas including social media, energy, commerce, and health care.

Experts in the field focus on the principles, methods and systems needed to work on huge streams of data.

Guest speakers

An event taking place in the School of Informatics marks the opening of the EPSRC CDT in Data Science.

Speakers at the launch include Professor Kathleen McKeown, Director of the Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering at Columbia University, and Professor Fernando Pereira, Research Director at Google.

Data Science is an emerging area of fundamental importance to Microsoft, as data-driven methods play a key role in our business.

Professor Chris BishopDistinguished Scientist, Microsoft Research

Broad expertise

Besides the CDT in Data Science, two other EPSRC-funded Centres for Doctoral Training operate within the School of Informatics.

These are a CDT in Pervasive Parallelism, where researchers develop technology that enables computers to become faster and more powerful.

A further CDT in Robotics and Autonomous Systems focuses on machines that can support industries including manufacturing, healthcare, and energy.

This centre operates under the umbrella of the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, a partnership between the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University.

Huge demand for data scientists is expected in the next decade and our CDT programme is designed to address this need, training a new generation of researchers to become leaders in this emerging area.

Professor Chris WilliamsSchool of Informatics