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Contemplate: Scanning for Errors

Contemplate, a start- up company founded by Informatics’ academics Don Sannella and David Aspinall offers products that identify the defects and coding issues that threaten data and transaction accuracy, systems availability and security, and ongoing performance.


CEO Derick James and Dr. Robert Atkey at Contemplate talk to CFO Insight, a website offering financial news for Chief Financial Officers, about the issues facing organisations and how Contemplate is looking to address these issues.

One source of errors is that a software application today is run across several central processing units (CPU) or ‘cores’. Multi-core processors are the industry standard today, enabling much faster processing. But greater speed comes at the cost of computational errors when an application is working across multiple cores.

“A trading application contains, on average, 3000 lines of code which makes it difficult to track inter relationships. Our product can tease out these relationships more effectively which makes for better identification of errors. It’s not an error on a single line of code that matters, it’s an error on a code and how it’s related to another code thousands of lines away.”

Dr. Robert Atkey

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