School of Informatics

Christophe Dubach wins Intel 2012 Early Career Faculty Honor Program Award.

Informatics Lecturer Christophe Dubach, wins the Intel 2012 Early Career Faculty Honor Program Award.

This annual award is designed to help Intel connect with the best and brightest early career faculty members at the top universities around the world.

It provides financial and networking support to faculty members who show great promise as future academic leaders in disruptive computing technologies.

This year, a total of 75 highly qualified candidates applied for the award. The selected winners were from 9 European and 11 US universities including Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, Cornell and MIT.

Christophe's research interests lie in the area of software/hardware runtime adaptation for heterogeneous systems. His current focus is on dynamic adaptation for heterogeneous multicore processors.

The support from this award will allow Christophe to establish a stronger link with Intel and work towards addressing some of the major challenges facing industry.