School of Informatics

School of Informatics Students Awarded Grant for Development of Digital Technology

Ben Jeffrey and Maria Alecu, both studying for an MInf, will form part of a team from the University of Edinburgh that has been awarded a £5000 grant to develop a team-sourcing technology platform to encourage students with differing skill levels to connect with each other across campus to collaborate on extra-curricular projects.

Jisc, the UK’s leading consultants for the use of digital technologies in education and research, awarded the grant as part of their ‘Summer of Student Innovation’ fund. This initiative challenged students to pitch “bottom-up”, technology-based ideas aimed at improving education and innovation in universities. The programme was immensely popular, attracting 36 entries, 6,500 student votes and 550 tweets.

The students, who were assisted by the University service LAUNCH.ed, will spend the next three months building and in September, Jisc will require them to test the prototype amongst other universities and colleges across the UK involved in the pilot.

If successful, the resulting prototype will be rolled out to other universities and colleges across the UK.