School of Informatics

Academic Achievements

Sethu Vijayakumar has been elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).


The RSE’s mission is the advancement of learning and useful knowledge and since its establishment in 1783 it has made a major contribution to Scottish Society through its Fellows.

It is unique in Britain and distinctive internationally in the breadth of its Fellowship, which ranges across the sciences, medicine, engineering, the social sciences, arts, humanities, business and public service. Amongst its wide range of activities it provides: independent advice to Government and Parliament; research and enterprise Fellowships; education programmes for young people; and conferences and events aimed at both public engagement and specialists.

There are 47 new UK and International Fellows to add to its 1500-strong Fellowship. Fellows are elected following a rigorous examination of their achievements in their relevant fields.

Fiona McNeill and Ram Ramamoorthy have been elected to the RSE Young Academy (YAS).

YAS brings together some of the most able and innovative young academics, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals in Scotland, with the aim of harnessing their creativity to develop a coherent and influential voice on behalf of the most talented people of their generation. YAS members are encouraged to work across disciplines to consider many of the most challenging issues facing society either domestically or globally, in fields as diverse as climate change, the economy, ethics or the arts.

Almost two hundred applications were received for membership. These were considered by RSE Fellows and the trustees of the Young Academy including its Co?Chairs. The new members, 26 women and 24 men, range in ages from 28 to 43.

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