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#1 'Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Me'

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First in a series of public discussion, the event will cover issues around data and privacy, focusing on the impact of the Big Data industry on our privacy and society as a whole.

About the event

Facebook, Google, Amazon and other websites, financial services companies and even home utility suppliers (through smart devices) are capable of collating vast amounts of personal data. But do we, the society, know what data they collect and what it is used for? Personal data is a commodity that can be sold and bought and used for marketing purposes, but also to manipulate election outcomes and restrict access to services like healthcare or housing. It has been shown that content customised using this data can be used effectively to influence people’s personal beliefs and choices.

Do you know how your personal data is used? Do you know what control over your personal information you have? Come and find out.


  • Lilian Edwards is the Professor of Law, Innovation and Society at Newcastle Law School at Newcastle University. Additionally, she is a member of the Advisory Board of the Open Rights Group and the Foundation for Internet Privacy Research. She is much in demand as an academic speaker on issues of Internet law, intellectual property, and artificial intelligence. She has appeared at the BBC Blue Room roundtable on the future of AI, the New Scientist Live on AI, and several programmes on BBC Radio 4, among others. She is a self-proclaimed “GDPR nerd and total geek.”
  • Kami Vaniea is a Lecturer in Cyber Security and Privacy at the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics, where she specialises on the human factors involved in security and privacy, and the head of the Technology Usability Lab In Privacy and Security (TULIPS). The goal of her work is to make security and privacy technologies more accessible for a wide range of users and to empower them to easily make good security decisions. She has spoken extensively on ethical and privacy issues in data science.
  • Laura Cram is a professor of European Politics at the University of Edinburgh and the head of the NRLabs Neuropolitics Research lab. In her research, she examines how insights from psychology, information science and cognitive neuroscience can help to explain political behaviour and policy processes, using experimental approaches like fMRI brain scanning, behavioural games, face-emotion coding, eye-tracking, physiological hormone testing and big data analysis. She is a regular media commentator and her group's work has appeared on the BBC Daily Politics Show and as part of the BBC MindGames documentary, among others.


The event will be followed by a drinks reception.

NB This event might be streamed live, recorded and/or photographed.


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Jan 24 2019 -

#1 'Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Me'

First in a series of public discussion, the event will cover issues around data and privacy, focusing on the impact of the Big Data industry on our privacy and the society as a whole.

Informatics Forum, room G.07
10 Crichton Street