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We Need To Talk About AI - Series of public discussions

We need to talk about AI. In fact, we are already talking about it: artificial intelligence and technology are a massive part of our daily lives. But the public debate is narrow and one-sided. On one hand, we have tech companies and investors overhyping technological advances. On the other – apocalyptic predictions: social media are feared for their interference with elections and shaping the public opinion to an extent never seen before and automation is rumoured to be on the way to replace all if not most of the jobs or even the humanity altogether.

However, this is all speculation and we need to talk about what the real issues surrounding AI are as well as what possibilities for the future it offers.

EdIntelligence are hosting a series of public discussions inviting insightful speakers from across disciplines including informatics, humanities, and social sciences. We aim to have an informed debate with a variety of perspectives on the important topics concerning advances in AI and modern technology.


List of events

Event #1 - 'Artificial Intelligence, Data and Me'  

Event #2 - 'Future of Work'

Event #3 - 'Autonomous Weapons'

Event #4 - 'Fears and Dreams of Intelligent Machines'

Event #5 - 'To Err Is Machine, Biases, Failure and Fairness in AI'

Event #6 - 'Ethics of Assistive Technologies'


We Need To Talk About AI - Series of public discussions

Series of public discussions about Artificial Intelligence.