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Celebrating 60 years of computer science and AI with our alumni

In October 2023 the School of Informatics had the pleasure of welcoming our alumni back in Edinburgh. A weekend of celebrations included a dose of nostalgia and enthused us all to look into the very exciting future.

Celebrating 60 years of computer science and AI with our alumni
Celebrating 60 years of computer science and AI with our alumni

Storm Babet brought heavy rainfall in the days leading up to the gathering but didn't discourage the attendees. On Saturday, 21st October, our graduates joined the campus tours that took them via all the historical landmarks in the rich history of the School and its predecessors on both campuses: Central and Kings Buildings.

In the early afternoon, some of the visitors attended the TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh, which coincided with the gathering and offered an exciting programme of talks on The Great Unknown theme. Speakers included our own Leonardo Castorina, Elizabeth Polgreen and Jonathan Feldstein.

In the evening, a reception was hosted in the iconic Informatics Forum building, where graduates could catch up with each other and meet their former lecturers, current students and staff from the School. They could also test their dexterity with a robotic arm built by the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics, interact with some of Inspace’s previous artist-in-residence Theodore Koterwas’ artwork, and make music with BeatBlocks.

On Sunday we celebrated the impact of Edinburgh's teaching and research – we explored how one drop at the heart of Edinburgh can ripple out to impact the world at large.

Jane Hillston, Miguel O Bernabeu, Julian Bradfield, Paul Jackson, Alex Lascarides, and Kia Nazarpour gave rapid-fire presentations about the School of Informatics right now—what we’re teaching, learning, and innovating, and how we’re contributing to Edinburgh and the world. The attendees could also learn more about our current research at the poster session delivered by our current PGR students.

If you don’t want to miss future alumni gatherings, please confirm your up-to-date details in our database. You can do this by checking and updating them in the Alumni Portal.

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