School of Informatics

Distinguished lectures

A series of distinguished lectures which aims to present excellent speakers describing intriguing topics in an engaging style.

The talks address a broad audience. All members of Informatics are encouraged to attend, and members of the university and the general public are welcome.

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Upcoming Lectures

Previous lectures

20 October 2010: Prof Benjamin Kuipers, "How can a robot learn the foundations of knowledge?"

4 March 2010: Michael Jordan, "Applied Bayesian Nonparametrics"

24 February 2010: Prof. Mitsuo Kawato, "Finding Common and Concise Representation for Brain, Body and Environment"


18 November 2009: Don Syme, "F# - Bringing Functional Programming into the Mainstream"

23 March 2009: Pedro Domingos, "Unifying Logical and Statistical AI"

3 December 2008: Andrew Hopper, "Computing for the Future of the Planet"

8 October 2008: John Sowa, "Dynamic Ontology, A Wittgensteinian Method of Relating Language to the World"

11 June 2008: Gene Myers, "Whole Genome Sequencing and Imaging-Based Systems Biology"

14 May 2008: Jorge Cham, "The Power of Procrastination: Surviving Graduate School and Deciding What's Next"

20 February 2008: Peter Jackson, "Pure and Applied Research: The Good, the Bad, and the Lucky"

6 February 2008: Diane Litman, "Spoken Dialogue for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Opportunities and Challenges"