School of Informatics

It's a data driven world - get over it

By Rick Rashid, Chief Research Officer, Microsoft Research.

In the early days of computer science, there was a common conceit that many of the important problems computers could solve would be solved by careful analysis and software that would be largely deterministic in its behaviour. There was a belief that if we had enough rules, we could understand and translate language, understand speech, recognize images, predict the weather, and perhaps even understand human behaviour. I will discuss how our ability to collect, store, and process vast amounts of data on an unprecedented scale gives rise to a new paradigm for solving problems—not just in the area of natural human interfaces, but also in search, weather, traffic, and health.

Rick Rashid

As chief research officer, Rick Rashid oversees worldwide operations for Microsoft Research. Under his leadership, Microsoft Research conducts both basic and applied research across disciplines that include algorithms and theory; human-computer interaction; machine learning; multimedia and graphics; search; security; social computing; and systems, architecture, mobility and networking.

It's a data driven world - get over it Wednesday 5 October 2011, 4.00pm Informatics Forum G.07 and G.07a, 10 Crichton Street