School of Informatics

F# - Bringing Functional Programming into the Mainstream

By Don Syme, Microsoft

The aim of the F# language has been to carve out a space for functional programming in the context of a modern, applied software development environment (.NET). F# will now ship as part of Visual Studio 2010, making functional programming a viable choice for professional development. This talk will recap how F# has been developed, its heritage in OCaml, C# and Haskell, and the design principles that have been used. While compromises have been necessary, the F# language stays true to the proven elements of typed functional languages. Building on this core, I will present two highly successful novel features of F#: units of measure and computation expressions, the latter with application to asynchronous and parallel programming.

F# - Bringing Functional Programming into the Mainstream Wednesday 18 November 2009, 5.00pm Room G07, The Forum, 10 Crichton Street