School of Informatics

Collaboration opportunities

Research collaborations with industrial and government agencies.

We work with commercial partners ranging in scale from SMEs to multinationals. We collaborate with companies from across a broad range of sectors including manufacturing, information systems, software technology, healthcare, finance and energy production.

These collaborations range in scope from industry studentships where companies support the research and training of a PhD student, to full-scale collaborative research programmes involving staff embedded within academic research groups.

We can help match up your requirements with the research expertise, facilities and support needed to achieve your commercial objectives.

Collaboration opportunities:

Industrial studentship awards

Benefit from working with a PhD student carrying out research an area relevant to your business.

Funding schemes to support industry collaboration

We can access an extensive range of funding schemes at Scottish and UK levels which support and foster academic - industrial interactions.

Collaborative research

The University has a proven track record in delivering world-leading sponsored research programmes to industry.