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KB101 - The Centenary Lecture Series: Informatics Talk

Celebrating a century of science and engineering

Last year saw the 100 year anniversary of the Kings Buildings campus.  This was taken as an opportunity for the whole College of Science and Engineering community, regardless of where they are based, to reflect and celebrate the achievements across the disciplines over the last 100 years.  The pandemic meant that the plans were put on hold for one year but next month sees the launch of a year of celebration called KB101.

There are a variety of events including art exhibitions and public talks.  Each School is contributing one talk to the College Centenary Lecture Series; the Informatics talk will be the first in semester 1.

Is computing an experimental science?

Wed 17 November 2021, 7:00 - 8:00 pm (GMT), Lecture Theatre B, 40 George Square, EH8 9JX

Speakers: Prof Philip Wadler and Dr Ajitha Rajan

Three and a half decades ago, Robin Milner delivered a talk with the above title to mark the inauguration of the Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science (LFCS), which grew into one of six institutes in the School of Informatics.

We will discuss how the interaction between theory and practice in Informatics at Edinburgh has played out over that time, with applications drawn from programming language design, software testing, machine learning, and smart contracts for cryptocurrency.

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Please note: The University are limited to 50 bookings due to current University COVID restrictions. If you have booked a ticket and are then unable to attend, please cancel your booking as there will be a waiting list.

Session recording

This talk will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. We will share the recording here when it becomes available.

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