School of Informatics

New Informatics MOOC Launched

Registrations are now open for our Informatics MOOC, "Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming".


The University of Edinburgh has recently announced a MOOC that aims to teach young teenagers how to program, led by the School of Informatics. This free online course, called "Code Yourself! An Introduction to Programming", is developed in collaboration with the ORT University in Uruguay, and is delivered in both English and Spanish.

We are very excited to offer Code Yourself and engage thousands of young teenagers around the world in computer science. Our goal with this course is to show how much fun and how creative programming can be, while developing the problem-solving skills of our students. Code Yourself addresses a growing demand worldwide for introducing the next generation to the principles of computing, and can thus have a significant impact on the computer science education landscape.

Areti ManatakiResearcher in the School of Informatics and Course Organiser

The course uses Scratch and requires no prior programming experience. Although it is primarily aimed at young teenagers, it is open to all ages and it can serve as a useful resource in the context of the new computing curriculum.

We are very pleased to work in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh for the creation of this high-quality MOOC, which is specially designed for kids and teenagers. It will not only help promote Computer Science to youngsters, but it will also help them develop skills which are very important for their everyday life. Additionally, by learning the fundamentals of programming they will acquire a valuable background for the future study of IT-related careers. This course can make a significant contribution for thousands of young students worldwide.

Code Yourself is scheduled to begin on 9th March 2015 and run for 5 weeks. For more information and registration visit: