School of Informatics

Alumni profiles

Some of our graduates talk about their experiences at the University of Edinburgh and where their degree has led them.

Christopher Walton

Image of Christopher Walton
Christopher graduated with Computer Science BSc before completing his PhD and post-doc research at the School. He now leads a large team at the Amazon headquarters in Seattle.

Arun Raja

Arun Raja profile
In 2021, Arun graduated with BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. He tells about studying during the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of friendship.

Hanne Carlsson

In 2018, Hanne graduated with BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Tom Griffiths

Photo of Tom Griffiths
Tom co-founded Fanduel with other Informatics alumni. The company is now valued at over $1 billion.

Dimple Gulrajani

Photo of Dimple Gulrajani
Dimple studied Computer Science with Management and graduated in 2017.

Anne Johnson

Photo of Anne Johnson
"Keep abreast of technology and use the knowledge to guide your ambitions," says Anne, angel investor and CEO of Cunning Systems.

Mykel Kochenderfer

Photo of Mykel Kochenderfer
The Director of Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory has such fond memories of Edinburgh that he brought students on a study visit.

Andrew Blake

Photo of Andrew Blake
Professor Andrew Blake is the first Director of the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science.

Olise Okpala

Photo of Olise Okpala
Olise Okpala tells us why he chose Edinburgh to do his Masters Degree in Computer Science.

Grigori Fursin

Photo of Grigori Fursin
Grigori Fursin shares how the city and the university helped to shape his personal and professional life.

Peter Sandilands

Photo of Peter Sandilands
Peter achieved a BSc (Hons) in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science and went on to do his PhD at Informatics too.

Stuart Johnston

Photo of Stuart Johnston
Stuart shares with us how his studies at Edinburgh helped shape his life.

Theodoros Stouraitis

Theodoros Stouraitis
In 2021 Theodoros Stouraitis graduated with a PhD in Robotics having completed his MSc in AI in 2016.

Chris Ellis

Photo of Chris Ellis
MSc graduate Chris Ellis tells us about his reasons for studying at the School of Informatics.

Iain Wallace

Photo of Iain Wallace
Iain Wallace graduated with a PhD from the School of Informatics in 2010.

Tim Willis

Photo of Tim Willis
Dr Tim Willis studied for an MSc and then a PhD at the School of Informatics and has subsequently gone on to found his own company.

Luna De Ferrari

Photo of Luna De Ferrari
MSc and PhD graduate Luna De Ferrari talks about her time at the School of Informatics and why she has stayed in Edinburgh.

Stuart Beard

Photo of Stuart Beard
Software Engineering graduate Stuart Beard talks to us about his time at the School of Informatics and how it led to his career as a software integrator and designer.

Michael Mangan

Photo of Michael Mangan
Michael Mangan, a PhD graduate in Robotics talks about his proudest achievements and how he learnt invaluable lessons in how to bring an idea from the research lab to a commercial product. 

Richard Marshall

Photo of Richard M Marshall
Richard M Marshall, a BSc and PhD graduate in Computer Science tells us about his time at Informatics and how important it is to be passionate about your chosen subject. 

Mike McQuaid

Photo of Mike McQuaid
Software engineer Mike McQuaid talks about how Edinburgh stimulated an appetite for learning that has led to a career he loves.

Constance Crowe

Photo of Constance Crowe
Connie Crowe studied Master of Informatics (MInf) and graduated in 2018.

Kolos Kantor

Photo of Kolos Kantor
In 2018 Kolos Kantor was an alumni ambassador for the School of Informatics at the Post-Offer Visit Day.

Patricia Dragan

Photo of Patricia Dragan
In 2018 Patricia Dragan was an alumni ambassador for the School of Informatics at the Post-Offer Visit Day.