School of Informatics

History of the School of Informatics

Historical articles and trivia marking the 20th anniversary of establishing the School of Informatics in its current shape and the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Informatics Forum.

Brief history of the School of Informatics

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In 1998, the School of Informatics was created through the merger of the Department of Artificial Intelligence, Centre for Cognitive Science, Department of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute, and Human Communication Research Centre.

Pioneers of Informatics in Edinburgh

Biographies of early days pioneers who shaped the Informatics research in Edinburgh.

Informatics Artworks

The Informatics Forum is not just labs and offices – there’s also a number of artworks in and around the building.

School of Informatics Trivia

Did you know this about the School of Informatics? Read below for a handful of historical trivia.