Centre for Inflammation Research

CIR research in progress January-June 2024

Latest talks by staff and students in the CIR

These talks take place in IRR Seminar Room at 10am and are not open to the general public.

Dates Students Supervisor Presentation Title
16.01.24 Alex Adams Dr Sohan Seth Hidden in Plain Light: Understanding Lung Cancer Autofluorescence for a Better Informed Diagnosis
Lacklan Dick Prof Steven Yule Application of automated video analytics in surgical education
Frank Wu Dr Timothy Kendall Deep learning-based tumour heterogeneity study for breast cancer prognosis prediction and biomarker discovery on H&E-stained sections
23.01.24 Krishna Purohit Dr Carsten Hansen Stratifying mesothelioma via Proteogenomics
Eva Doyle Dr Samanta Mariani Immunotherapy for infant leukemia: investigating and exploiting the leukemia microenvironment
Joe Norton Prof Steven Yule The impact of the educational time out on surgical performance
02.02.24 Owen Lo Di Yi Feng Investigating the inflammatory response to oncogene induced senescence during tumour initiation in the Zebrafish
Renske Hoekstra Prof Manu Shankar-Hari Identifying molecular subtype of critical illness to inform better treatments using a precision medicine framework
Marcin Maniak  Dr Carsten Hansen Biomechanical regulation of macrophage functions
09.02.24 Lilian Koppensteiner Ahsan Akram Cancer-associated fibroblast - T cell crosstalk in human non-small cell lung cancer
Deborah Seah Prof Marc Vendrell Fluorophores for Pulse-chase Labelling
Saule Zubyte Prof Manu Shankar-Hari Role of cGAS-STING pathway in acute organ injury in critically ill patients
23.02.24 Alex Hunt Prof Till Bachmann AI-assisted light microscopy for blood cell identification and infection detection
Hollie Vaughan Dr Samanta Mariani Understanding the role of the immune system in paediatric blood cancer
Fred Ssempijja Prof Sue Welburn Infection Risk at the human, domestic animal, and wildlife interface in national parks in western Uganda
05.03.24 Zirong Zeng Dr Vaso Makrantoni How does the human fungal pathogen, Candida albicans, exploit its metabolic flexibility to enhance virulence?
Anjali Anna Ernest Dr Richard Sloan How does different IFNα subtypes inhibit Zika Virus infection?
Pei-Chi Huang Dr Wei-Yu Lu Defining the role of pro-inflammatory cytokines in regulating hepatocyte expansion
Jiayua Gu Dr Richard Weller The effects of solar simulated UV on human immune system
12.03.24 Stuart Dickson Prof Kanwaldeep Dhaliwal Clearing the air: imaging and characterisation of infection in the distal lung
Anu Fernando Prof Adriano Rossi The plague receptor and NLRs as therapeutic targets in inflammation
Valentina Giai Dr Andrew Sutherland Using KMO inhibitors (KMOi) to improve pancreatic islet cell viability and clinical islet transplantation outcomes for the treatment of type 1 diabetes
19.03.24 Rebecca Ainslie Dr Douglas Gibson Defining the impact and androgens on uterine immune cell function during endometrial repair
Michaela Nosková Dr Carsten Hansen Zebrafish models for precision medicine in mesothelioma
Leo Brown Mr Richard Skipworth Cachexia index for prognostication in surgical patients with locally advanced oesophagogastric cancer
19.04.24 Ben Higgins Dr Wei-Yu Lu A multi-omics approach to investigate the immune-cholangiocyte spatial relationship to stratify liver diseases
Duncan Rutherford Dr Gwo-Tzer Ho The oral-gut microbiome axis in Crohn's disease severity, progression and mucosal healing
Kayla Wang Prof Till Bachman 3D graphene foam biosensors for molecular point-of-care testing of emerging pathogen threats
26.04.24 Anna Davey Dr CJ Anderson The relationship between host and microbe during tissue injury and repair
Jessica Ghobrial Prof Kanwaldeep Dhaliwal Investigating the role of neutrophil derived EVs in inducing lung injuries in humans
Robert Whelan Dr Gwo-Tzer Ho The oral-gut microbiome axis. in Crohn's disease severity, progression and mucosal healing
14.05.24 Liam Neilson Dr Ashan Akram Phenotyping tertiary lymphoid structures in non-small cell lung cancer
Siyang Jia Dr Carsten Hansen Investigating the regulation of cellular response to hydrostatic pressure in prostate cancer
Abdelazeem Elhabyan Dr Juergen Haas TBD
21.05.24 Gosia Grzelka Dr Prakash Ramachandran Characterising monocyte dysfunction in chronic liver disease
Hui Xin Loh Prof Kanwaldeep Dhaliwal Investigating cellular senescence and senolytic drugs on human precision-cut lung slices
Fiona Cunningham Dr Chengcan Yao Identifying novel signatures to stratify eczema patients
07.06.24 Rachel Martin Dr Laura Mcculloch Investigating new therapies for post-stroke pneumonia
Caroline Pumpe Dr Sonja Vermeren TBD
Broc Drury Dr Calum Bain Profiling monocyte heterogeneity in the context of inflammatory bowel disease
14.06.24 Ahad Abdalla Dr Richard O-Connor Proteomic signature of an ex-vivo human model of lung injury
Adil Muhammad Prof Till Backmann Development of a low cost Point of Care Susceptibility Test for First Line Antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infections
Aerin Thompson Prof Adriano Rossi Investigation of key inflammatory cells and mediators in repair/regeneration following resolution of inflammation after zebrafish (Danio rerio) larval injury
21.06.24 Jacky Tam Prof Prakash Ramachandran TBD
Lily Jia Prof Prakash Ramachandran TBD
Navita Lal Dr Beth Mills Elucidating novel targets for microbial keratitis diagnosis and treatment