Centre for Inflammation Research


By assembling a team of expert clinicians and scientists we aim to understand the key features of COVID-19. Ultimately this information will help to inform the development of better tests and therapeutic interventions for these conditions.

What are ICECAP core research activities?

Our core ICECAP research deliverables include:

  • Histopathological description of severe COVID-19 from post-mortem, and correlation to clinical and scientific characteristics
  • Immune and parenchymal cell phenotyping from multiple organs by techniques including (but not limited to) multiplex immunofluorescence, flow cytometry, microscopy, proteomics and single cell RNA sequencing
  • Viral tissue tropism (in multiple organs) and determining presence of live virus
  • Spatial distribution of virus (multiple organs)
  • Analysis of host and viral factors that influence severity and outcome from COVID-19


ICECAP research depends on the generosity of donors and their families who make the valuable gift of tissue after death.

ICECAP funding and support

ICECAP receives funding and support from:

  • The Chief Scientist Office
  • LifeArc
  • Medical Research Scotland