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Advertised PhD positions

A number of funding opportunities are advertised by the College for prospective postgraduate research students.  Most studentships are advertised between November and January. Specific studentship projects will be advertised by CIR supervisors throughout the year via FindAPhD.com.

Applications can be considered at any time. Eligibility criteria for studentships varies, depending upon the funding source.


Funding opportunities for prospective PhD students



PhDs Currently Advertised:

BBSRC EASTBIO Doctoral Training Partnership

Closing Date:  Thursday 16 December


Principal Investigator: Dr Calum Bain

Project Title: Interrogating monocyte-stromal cell crosstalk in the intestine


Principal Investigator: Dr Robert Gray

Project Title: Developing ex-vivo models to understand lung damage and repair


Principal Investigator: Dr Yi Feng 

Project Title: Dissecting the role of the immune system in tumour initiation using experimental & computational analysis


Principal Investigator: Dr Carsten Hansen

Project TitleMetabolic challenges across species: Flies, fish, humans and "Hippos"


Principal Investigator: Prof Marc Vendrell

Project TitleSmall and non-invasive fluorescent labels for real-time imaging of protein function


Principal Investigator: Dr Sonja Vermeren

Project TitleFluorescent smartprobes for direct detection of the lipid second messenger PIP3


Principal Investigator: Dr Chengcan Yao

Project TitleBioactive lipid mediators in the development and function of lung mononuclear phagocytes