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This innovative programme offers research PhDs in medical sciences and translational research topics from across the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

The University of Edinburgh

The UoE is an international leader in fundamental-to-translational medical sciences research, with an outstanding record of interdisciplinarity and innovation, conducted by exceptional researchers offering the highest level of experience in research and PhD training.

The College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine (CMVM)

CMVM assembles biomedical scientists, medics and vets, working together to play a world-leading role in research to advance understanding of the causes of disease and to develop and deliver new diagnostic, preventative and therapeutic approaches. As the UK’s only unified College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the College consolidates research in multidisciplinary research centres, clustered within contemporary research institutes located next to hospitals on three major translational research campuses. CMVM is committed to recruitment and retention of the most talented early career researchers, and developing the culture of translation of research to maximise impact on health and wealth.

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PhD Research 

CMVM medical sciences and translational research PhD projects for this Programme are available to students with biomedical sciences , biological sciences and medical sciences backgrounds. These research projects aim to deliver key scientific outputs; utilising fundamental biomedical sciences approaches to discover disease mechanisms, through to developing and implementing new therapies or approaches targeting human or animal health. 

PhD research will be supported by experienced PhD supervisors and a PhD Thesis Committee. Supervised laboratory-based research is scaffolded and supported in the early years, leading to autonomous and effective learners in the later years, complemented by group meetings and research seminar attendance / presentation, written reports and manuscript preparation, journal clubs, conference attendance, and mentorship opportunities.

Please note that when you apply to join the Programme you are not choosing a specific supervisor or project. Students chosen to join this programme will subsequently select a PhD project from an expanding portfolio of potential projects based at Research Centres and Institutes across the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

PhD students will be located at the institute of their selected primary supervisor, with access to internationally excellent facilities, technical support and supervision appropriate for their specific project.

Research Centres/Institutes

Participating Centres/Institutes include researchers at:

Research projects

Research projects listed below are illustrative of the projects that were offered for the 2020 programme intake. 

Specific future projects will be updated as soon as possible.

At application, students will be invited to indicate up to three projects, or supervisors, that most interest them. Student selection for programme entry will be a competitive process, after which the selected students will be invited to choose their research project from the available options in discussion with their preferred supervisors.

A student uses a sterile bio-safety cabinet

Researchers involved in this programme

Researchers involved in this programme are listed below, along with their current projects.


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