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Dr David Griffith

Dr Griffith is interested in determining the physiological barriers to physical rehabilitation after critical illness and particularly the role of unresolved systemic inflammation in preventing muscle recovery.

Dr David Griffith

Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia and Critical Care; Honorary Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care

  • Centre for Inflammation Research

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Dr Griffith completed an MD in 2014 at Edinburgh University.  His work was focussed on the prevalence of systemic inflammation after critical illness, and its relationship to physical recovery. Working in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, he has been a local investigator on numerous international intensive care trials.

Research Overview

Muscle Injury associated with Critical Illness

Current research is focussed on developing a greater understanding of the nature of muscle injury during intensive care, and the repair and recovery of the muscle injury once critical illness has resolved.  The work of Dr Griffith and his colleagues has established that a large proportion of patients that survive an episode of critical illness exist in a state of low grade chronic inflammation.  In addition, we have demonstrated an association between elevations in serum measures of inflammatory biomarkers, and poor physical mobility.  Dr Griffith’s ongoing work seeks to understand the natural history of muscle injury and repair associated with critical illness, to explore potential physiological barriers, and to develop effective preventative strategies and treatments.

Dr Griffith is the Chief Investigator for the Intensive Care Muscle Imaging study, a collaborative project involving colleagues in the Clinical Research Imaging Centre.  This pilot observation study is nearing completion and aimed to test the feasibility of using MRI imaging to explore changes in muscle structure and function after critical illness.

Other research interests

Dr Griffith is a co-investigator on the Pre-Renal study – an observational study exploring a novel biomarker for the early detection of acute kidney injury after hip fracture surgery.   He is also the local principal investigator for the SPICE 3 study. 

Other Responsibilities

  • Programme Director for the Intercalated BMedSci in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
  • Member of the Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group Steering Committee
  • Academic Representative for the South East Scotland School of Anaesthesia


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