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Dr Alison Mackinnon

Alison Mackinnon investigates the role of galectins in the development of acute and chronic inflammation and fibrosis.

Dr Alison Mackinnon

Senior Research Fellow

  • Centre for Inflammation Research

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  • Brian McHugh – Postdoc


I have a PhD in Pharmacology from Edinburgh University and have developed my research career firstly in the pharmaceutical industry and subsequently as a research fellow in the Centre for Inflammation Research.

Research Overview

My research has centered on the development of in vivo models of cancer and inflammatory disease in order to study the mechanisms of the disease process and to identify targets for drug development. My work has identified the importance of the carbohydrate binding lectin - galectin-3 - on the development of chronic inflammatory disorders, and the characterisation of inhibitors of galectin-3 as potential antifibrotic agents. 

Biographical Profile

I am a Pharmacologist with a keen interest in inflammation and fibrosis as processes that mediate pathology in a number of organ systems including cancer. My main interests are in the role of galectins in chronic inflammation and the role of the extracellular matrix and growth factors in the resistance to chemotherapy in lung cancer. 


Galecto Biotec

Sources of Funding

US Department of Defence

More information on funding at Alison Mackinnon's Research Explorer profile.