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Local North Berwick fundraisers raise money for IBD research

A North Berwick ceilidh group have raised over £2000 for Crohn's and colitis research.

IBD Fundraisers visit to QMRI - Gwo-tzer Ho and guests - Spring 2023
IBD fundraisers visit CIR - Dr Gwo-tzer Ho and guests, including Elizabeth Noar

A local group from North Berwick have held two ceilidh fundraising events in support of Crohn's disease and colitis research at CIR. The local interest group held events in March and September of this year for over 75 people each, with the specific aim to raise money to support inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) research at the University of Edinburgh's Centre for Inflammation Research.

The group holds regular events and has built up a strong relationship with the Centre for Inflammation Research. Some of the event organisers visited CIR in Spring 2023, to meet with Dr Gwo-tzer Ho and learn more about the research they are contributing to.

The generous group are committed to supporting IBD research. A previously planned ceilidh was cancelled due to COVID-19 but, despite the unfortunate cancellation, the attendees kindly asked to pass the money to CIR's Gut Research Unit anyway, without asking for refunds.

We are a group of Ceilidh-loving folk living in North Berwick and have been organising regular ceilidhs, sending our proceeds to University of Edinburgh specifically for research into Crohn's and Colitis.

We recognise the importance of the work being undertaken and know how crucial fund raising for the advancement of treatment. Not only are we having great fun dancing and socialising, we are contributing to such a worthy cause.

Elizabeth NoarKey Fundraiser Organiser

As the lead of the IBD Gut Research Unit, I am extremely grateful for such a generous contribution. Over the last 3 years, Liz and her friends, along with the community in North Berwick, have fund raised more than £2000 to support our work.

Our research work has always worked toward improving practical reach of scientific studies to the lives of patients with IBD. We have built significant patient engagement into the ways we conduct our science and research, and we hope this will go toward further efforts in this area."

Dr Gwo-tzer HoReader / Honorary Consultant Gastroenterologist, Centre for Inflammation Research

Upcoming Events

The group have their next ceilidh events planned for Hogmanay and St Patrick's Day, March 2024. The Hogmanay event will take place at the Glen Golf Club, North Berwick and will include a raffle along with ceilidh dancing. The March event will take place at St Andrew Blackadder Church Hall.

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