Centre for Inflammation Research

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

August 2016: Festival fringe show “Cervical Cancer - You’re History”

Professors Sarah Howie and Heather Cubie took to the stage again during the Festival fringe with their show “Cervical Cancer - You’re History”.  Understanding how a small virus with only 8 genes can cause such devastating disease as cervical cancer is a big challenge and helping to improve public awareness as well as options for prevention and better treatment of infections is a big motivator, especially in low income countries such as Malawi, which has the highest incidence of cervical cancer in the world.

Doing the 'Cabaret of dangerous ideas' for the second time was just as scary!  However all the staff and associates were amazing, especially The Stand comedian, Susan Morrison, who compered the show and was our No.1 prop!  During the actual show we were reasonably relaxed and the audience participation was gratifying.  

We had excellent questions from people who were genuinely interested in the problem – men and women - and everyone claimed to have learned something new at the end of the show!