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New Tissue Repair PhD Programme

September 2015: New Tissue Repair PhD Programme Launched

The University of Edinburgh has been awarded a new 4yr PhD programme by the Wellcome Trust.

The ‘Tissue Repair’ programme will be led by Prof Stuart Forbes (MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine; liver regeneration) and Co-Director Prof Catherina Becker (Centre for Neuroregeneration; zebrafish spinal cord repair) and builds on the University’s existing strengths in tissue repair. Participating centres include the MRC Centres for Regenerative Medicine, Inflammation Research, and Reproductive Health, the Centre for Neuroregeneration and the BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Science. The cross disciplinary programme will train a generation of scientists in the biology of regeneration, inflammation and fibrosis to develop future tissue repair treatments.

Edinburgh scientists involved in the programme include the following, (CIR Staff in Bold):

Prof Andrew Baker (non-coding RNA in vascular repair) Prof Mark Bradley (synthetic niches) Prof Peter Brophy (peripheral nerve regeneration) Prof Hilary Critchley (endometrial repair) Prof Elaine Dzierzak (repair of the haematopoietic system) Prof Charles ffrench-Constant (remyelination) Prof Lesley Forrester (macrophages from iPSCs) Dr Gillian Gray (repair post myocardial infarction) Prof Nicola Gray (gene regulation for vascular repair) Dr David Hay (liver stem cells) Prof Clare Blackburn (thymus repair) Prof Neil Henderson (tissue pericytes) Prof John Iredale (macrophages in tissue repair) Dr Tilo Kunath (iPSC-derived neurons for Parkinson’s disease) Dr David Lyons (zebrafish CNS repair) Prof Alexander Medvinsky (haematopoietic stem cells) Prof David Newby (vascular repair) Prof Donal O’Carroll (non-coding RNA in tissue regeneration) Prof Bruno Peault (pericytes in tissue repair) Prof Jeffrey Pollard (macrophage function in tissue repair) Prof Adriano Rossi (neutrophils and macrophages in tissue repair) Prof Philippa Saunders (endometrial repair) Prof Lee Smith (androgens in testis repair) Dr Sarah Walmsley (neutrophils in tissue injury and repair) Prof Moira Whyte (lung injury and repair) Dr Anna Williams (repair strategies for multiple sclerosis) Prof Val Wilson (neuromesodermal progenitors for regeneration)

The new Tissue Repair PhD programme is one of three new PhD programmes awarded to the University by Wellcome Trust. The others are in Translational Neuroscience, which will be led by Professor Charles ffrench Constant, and Hosts, Pathogens and Global Health, which will be led by Professors Keith Mathews and Judi Allen.

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