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Edinburgh World Pneumonia Day Symposium

A globe in the shape of a pair of lungs, and the text "World Pneumonia Day"

This year we are hosting the Edinburgh World Pneumonia Day Symposium to both highlight the ongoing work in Edinburgh that is seeking new ways to combat the disease, and to place these studies in their global context.  


Session 1:  9.15 – 11 am

  • Debby Bogaert (University of Edinburgh) – Welcome and Introduction
  • Harry Campbell (University of Edinburgh) – Current Understanding of the Global Burden of Pneumonia in young children
  • Harish Nair (University of Edinburgh) – Child pneumonia epidemiology research - Edinburgh in the MDG and SDG era
  • Thushan De Silva (MRC Unit Gambia) – The potential for Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine use in LMICs: insights in to vaccine immunogenicity in Gambian children
  • Stefan Unger (University of Edinburgh) – The conundrum of undernutrition and pneumonia


Session 2:  11.30 – 1.10 pm

  • Lidwien Smit (Utrecht University) – Environmental risk factors for pneumonia
  • Kenneth Baillie (University of Edinburgh) – Host genetics of susceptibility to pneumonia
  • David Dockrell (University of Edinburgh) – Re-engaging host microbicidal responses to prevent pneumonia
  • Kev Dhaliwal (University of Edinburgh) – “Better Together” to Understand Pneumonia


Session 3:  2 – 3.30 pm

  • David Goldblatt (University College London) – Parenteral Glycoconjugate vaccines and protection at mucosal surfaces
  • Rick Malley (Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School) – Trials and tribulations of a universal pneumococcal vaccine
  • Wouter de Steenhuijsen (University Medical Center Utrecht) – The local microbiota in respiratory infection
  • Steve Cunningham (University of Edinburgh) – Mind the Gap - building the bridge to recovery


Session 4:  4 – 5 pm

  • Lieke Sanders (Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital/Utrecht University Medical Centre) –Serendipity and science; the respiratory microbiome
  • Charades Musicals:  The Mould That Changed the World

Poster Session

We are very keen to have poster presentations in addition to the programme of talks. 

Please indicate when registering if you will be bringing a poster. All posters should be A0 or A1 and in portrait aspect.

Public Engagement Activities

These activities are open to the public, and you don't need to be registered to attend the Sympsium to attend.  Everyone welcome!

The activities have been made possible thanks to a British Society for Immunology Communicating Immunology Grant.

3 – 4.30 pm  We will have a range of hands-on activities on offer where you can learn about the role of our body’s bacteria in health and disease and how immune cells work.

Activities include:

British Society for Immunology logo
  • Count the microbiome candies
  • Where did that bacteria come from?
  • How well did you wash your hands?
  • The strongest ‘army’ for your body
  • Supercytes card game
  • Diagnose Kev!

4.30 – 5 pm Watch a special shortened version of the educational and award-winning professional Fringe musical “The Mould That Changed the World.

Inaugural Lecture

5.30 – 6.30 pm The Symposium will be followed by the Inaugural lecture of Prof Debby Bogaert from the Centre for Inflammation Research:

"Born in a microbial cloud: Gatekeepers of a healthy life"

Chancellor's Building (Lecture Theatre A), 49 Little France Crescent, EH16 4SB

Please register to attend the Inaugural Lecture separately, using the link below:

Register for the Inaugural Lecture

Nov 12 2018 -

Edinburgh World Pneumonia Day Symposium

Come to the Symposium, and learn what world-class research is currently taking place in the battle against this respiratory disease.

Wellcome Lecture Theatre
The Queen's Medical Research Institute
47 Little France Crescent
EH16 4TJ