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Proteus’ Ingenious Project “Circuits!” Reaches Rwandan School Children

July 2017: A project being developed by Proteus in conjunction with the University of Glasgow to help school children better understand biomedical engineering is currently touring Rwanda.

The project called Circuits! is being developed by the Proteus team based in the Centre, following the award of an Ingenious public engagement grant from the Royal Academy of Engineering. In collaboration with the University of Glasgow, Circuits! focuses on innovative ways of teaching concepts of biomedical engineering to school students using tools such as basic computer programming and diagnostic bio-sensing.

As parts of Circuits!, the University of Glasgow’s Africa-based initiative – FemEng in Rwanda – aims to encourage girls in secondary school to study sciences. In partnership with the University of Rwanda, a variety of engineering workshops and activities have been delivered to five Rwandan secondary schools over the past few weeks, reaching hundreds of children in the process. A prototype of Circuits! is one of the workshops that has been touring the country.

Circuits! is a fantastic collaboration between students from Edinburgh and Glasgow, who are using creative learning tools to inspire future engineering students. The initiative showcases the commitment of students to improving the lives of others and providing innovative learning opportunities for secondary school children in countries like Rwanda.

Dr Helen Szoor-McElhinney, Proteus Public Engagement Strategist (University of Edinburgh)


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