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What is Supercytes?

Find out what Supercytes is and where it's being played

Supercytes is about having fun with Biology and encouraging an early interest in science.

The Supercytes resource pack has been designed for use in schools (or school science clubs)

  • Different formats for students aged 9-18 
  • Introduce younger learners to white blood cells and how our bodies fight infection
  • Support older students learning basic immunology, inflammation biology and infectious diseases biology
  • Integrated into the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence
  • NEW for full launch in 2019

The Supercytes resource pack includes:

  • Card game “Supercytes: the immune cell standoff” and instructions
  • Animated cartoons featuring engaging immune cell characters
  • Presentation “Introduction to Inflammation and Immunology”
  • Worksheets, Quiz and feedback forms
  • Suggested lesson plans 
  • Supercytes-inspired project opportunities, with the potential to win visits from our scientists (location restricted)

Who is behind Supercytes?

We are medical research scientists working in the Centre for Inflammation Research at the University of Edinburgh.

Find out more about us and watch our video on the Contact us page.

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