Centre for Inflammation Research

Supercytes Teacher Training in Selkirk

November 2018: CIR researchers ran an interactive workshop to train Borders Biology teachers how to use our “Supercytes” game-based schools’ resource, focused on immunology and inflammation.

“Supercytes – the immune cell standoff” is a new free resource for schools.

Developed by medical researchers at the MRC Centre for Inflammation Research at the University of Edinburgh, this is game-based educational pack designed to introduce immunology and inflammation and a lively and entertaining manner.

Using different gaming formats for students aged 9-18, it introduces younger learners to white blood cells and how our bodies fight infection, and supports older students learning basic immunology and inflammation biology. The resource features an easy, fun, strategic card game, a series of cartoons featuring cell immune characters, a dedicated interactive website, quizzes, a competition, a teaching presentation, and a lesson plan integrated into the Curriculum for Excellence.

The resource pack is freely available to schools in the Edinburgh and Lothians area, and to teachers attending our Supercytes workshops.

CIR Researchers Donald J. Davidson, Filipa Henderson Sousa and Francesco Vacca travelled to the Selkirk to run an interactive workshop, introducing the Supercytes resource to 26 Biology teachers from various Borders schools, as a component of their in-service training event at Selkirk High School.

It was a most enjoyable and lively workshop, with the teachers quickly grasping the game concept and participating most enthusiastically! The feedback was really positive, with 100% of attendees saying that they would definitely use the Supercytes resource, and we look forward to supplying the resources for this cohort to use with their classes.

Thanks to all the participants!

Teachers sat around tables playing the Supercytes card game

Teacher feedback comments:

“Presentation was excellent, enthusiastic and informative. It really helped to play the game. I am already planning which classes to use it with”

“The game is accurate and actually FUN!”

“Love the idea that it can be more challenging – great for differentiation”

“Best workshop ever!”




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