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Science Insights 2018

July 2018: Science Insights is an exciting work experience programme designed to give 5th year high school pupils a real insight into the work and life of research scientists. 

Group of pupils

The annual programme – launched in 2014 by the MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine and The Roslin Institute at the University of Edinburgh – now involves all five research institutes in the University's College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, providing access to its cutting-edge facilities and inspiring researchers.

This year's programme provided an opportunity for 40 high school pupils to spend a week of their summer holidays following a varied programme of activities on four different University of Edinburgh campuses, gaining a real insight into research and work in biological sciences, medicine and veterinary medicine.

Activities included:

  • Shadowing researchers in the workplace
  • Tours of a range of scientific facilities
  • Presentations, workshops and discussions on topics including research ethics, the use of animals in research and careers in science
  • Opportunities to meet current University of Edinburgh students
  • Skills session to help with future university and job applications

Working with the Science Insights team was a fantastic experience, and a great opportunity to talk with the future generation of scientists. I was hugely impressed with how driven the students are and how engaged they were with what everyone was presenting during the event.

The event should hopefully give them a much stronger understanding of the roles research scientists play in the University, and encourage them to follow a scientific career.

Matthew BurgessPostdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Inflammation Research

Overseeing the Little France/Central Campus strand to the week was Amy Tyndall (CIR), Robin Morton (Centre for Regenerative Medicine) and Laura Thomas (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences)

We are very grateful to all of the members of the Centre for Inflammation Research who took part and helped give the pupils a truly memorable experience:

Lab taster sessions:

  • Carsten Hansen
  • Omar Salem
  • Jiwon Park
  • Utsa Karmakar
  • Jennifer Marshall
  • Maria Panagopoulou
  • Shonna Johnston
  • Prakash Ramachandran
  • Emily Watts


  • Adam Marshall
  • Holly Fleming
  • Dominic Norberg

Meet the scientist / Ethics in science:

  • Matthew Burgess

We are also grateful to our colleagues at other institutes on the Little France campus who contributed to the week:

Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences:

  • Carl Tucker – Zebrafish facility tour
  • Sarah McGlasson – Lab taster session
  • Emma Perkins – Lab taster session
  • David Story – Lab taster session
  • Daumante Suminaite – Lab taster session
  • Matthew Livesey – Lab taster session

Centre for Cardiovascular Science:

  • Tijana Mitic – Meet the scientist, lab taster session
  • You-Ying Chau – Meet the scientist
  • Pam Holland – Lab taster session
  • Carmel Moran – Lab taster session
  • Dawn Livingstone – Ethics in science

MRC Centre for Reproductive Health:

  • Kate Walker – Lab taster session
  • Moira Nicol – Lab taster session
  • Laura Milne – Lab taster session

MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine:

  • Mike Millar – Histology tour
  • Hannah Lawson – Lab taster session, meet the PhDs
  • Ute Koeber – Lab taster session, meet the scientist
  • Darren Wisniewski – Meet the PhDs



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