Centre for Inflammation Research

MRC Festival of Medical Research 2018: Supercytes Teacher Training

June 2018: The MRC CIR ran a free interactive workshop to train teachers how to use our “Supercytes” game-based schools’ resource, focused on immunology & inflammation.

 “Supercytes – the immune cell standoff” is a new resource for schools. 

Developed by medical researchers at the MRC Centre for Inflammation Research at the University of Edinburgh, this is game-based educational pack designed to introduce immunology and inflammation and a lively and entertaining manner.

The resource features easy, fun, strategic card game; a series cartoons featuring cell immune characters; a dedicated interactive website; quizzes; a competition; a teaching presentation and lesson plan integrated into the Curriculum for Excellence. 

The resource pack is freely available to schools in the Edinburgh and Lothians area, and to teachers attending our Supercytes workshops.

This MRC Festival of Medical Research 2018 event was held at the Queen’s Medical Research Institute, Edinburgh, on 20 June 2018. It was an interactive workshop to introduce the Supercytes resource to teachers, delivered by researchers Donald J. Davidson, Lisa Kelly and Matthew Burgess, with support from Amy Tyndall and Sheila Marshall.

The event was a great success, with our cohort of 18 Secondary School Science and Primary School teachers learning to use the Supercytes resource, and apparently enjoying playing the game as much as the pupils who have used it! 

100% of attendees said that they would definitely use the Supercytes resource, and the group gave a mean rating of 6.8/7 for the quality of the workshop.

Thanks to all the participants! 


Teachers sit around a table playing the Supercytes card game


Teacher feedback:

  • Workshop was brilliant; covered all the information needs and gave a chance to try the game with support.
  • Will definitely increase awareness of the immune system
  • I am looking forward to bringing it to my classroom
  • Opportunity to play the game and meet other teachers
  • The levels of increasing difficulty is excellent. Also the vast number of ways in which the resource can be used
  • Excellent resource and great workshop for teachers
  • It was very relaxed and all questions were answered
  • Nice to hear about the scientists who developed the resource