Centre for Inflammation Research

Amazing Immunology School Workshop

March 2018: 'Amazing Immunology' workshop goes on tour!

A Flipchart board showing Denny and the T team in a classroom

The 'Beast from the East' could not stop CIR researcher Calum Bain taking the ‘Amazing Immunology’ workshop on tour to the Scottish Highlands in early February!

This workshop uses fun activities such as ‘Denny and the T-team’ and the ‘Rash Decisions’ ball pool challenge to introduce basic concepts of immunology and allergy. Using these games, the pupils at Reay Primary School, on the north coast of Caithness, learnt how the immune system distinguishes between harmful and harmless things (antigens) we encounter, and how conditions like allergy can develop if the immune system mounts the wrong response to a harmless antigen e.g. peanuts or shellfish.