Centre for Inflammation Research

PE&C committee 2018

Who is part of the Public Engagement & Communications Committee

The University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research Public Engagement & Communications Committee was restructured in autumn 2018, as follows. If any students or staff in the Centre would like to join see 'How to get involved in Public Engagement'.


Academic Lead for Public Engagement and Communications and Chair of the CIR PE&C Committee

Donald J. Davidson


Schools PE&C Subcommittee 2018

Lead: Donald J. Davidson (Senior Researcher)


Nicole Barth (PhD student)

Matthew Burgess (Postdoctoral researcher)

Ross Dobie (Postdoctoral researcher)

Elena Dora (Research Assistant)

Mohini Gray (Reader)

Lisa Kelly (PhD student)

Maria Panagopoulou (PhD student)

Valentina Rausch (PhD student)

Katie Smith (PhD student)

Holly Rocliffe (PhD Student)

Science Festival PE&C Subcommittee 2018

Lead: Calum Bain (Sir Henry Dale Fellow)

Deputy: Marc Vendrell (Senior Lecturer)


Matthew Burgess (Postdoctoral researcher)

Jenna Cash (Sir Henry Dale Fellow)

Filipa Henderson Sousa (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Utsa Karmakar  (PhD student)

Olympia Kelepouri (Research Assistant)

Samanta Mariani (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Dyana Markose (PhD student)  

Ross Mills (Postdoctoral Researcher)             

Nikolay Ogryzko (Postdoctoral Researcher)             

Omar Salem (PhD student)  

David Taggart (Postdoctoral Researcher)    

Jenny Shelley ( PhD student)     

Holly Rocliffe (PhD Student)   

Francesco Vacca (PhD Student)


CIR Away Day and Communications PE&C Subcommittee 2018

Lead: Steve Jenkins (Chancellor's Fellow)

Deputy: Henry McSorley (Chancellor's Fellow)


Rebecca Aucott ( Lab Manager)        

Utsa Karmakar  (PhD student)

Olympia Kelepouri (Research Assistant)

Dyana Markose (PhD student)  

Sheila Marshall (Administrative support)

Nikolay Ogryzko (Postdoctoral Researcher)     

Francesco Vacca (PhD Student)


CIR representative for “Let’s Talk About Health” lecture Series

Lead: Ian Dransfield (Professor)


CIR PE Ambassadors 2018 - 2019

To be awarded



Subcommittees member remit

•             Members will be actively involved in developing PE activities, resources and events, as well as having the opportunity to volunteer at events.

•             Members will be formally acknowledged in these roles on the CIR website.

•             PE&C Training will be offered.

•             Subcommittee aim to meet approximately 4 times per year,  and develop with activities between meetings.

•             Subcommittee will have rotating Lead role.

•             Leads of the subcommittees will be combined to make up the main PE&C Committee, meeting 1 – 2 time per year.

•             Annual Prizes will be awarded for the best PE&C by trainees.


 CIR Public Engagement volunteers

•             Volunteers will be notified when a PE event is occurring for which participation is requested and offered the chance to take part.

•             PE&C Training will be offered.

•             Those undertaking training and at least one event will get formal “Public Engagement Ambassador” status on the CIR website.