Centre for Inflammation Research


Researchers in the Centre study the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory diseases

Recently evolved from the MRC Centre for Inflammation Research, the University of Edinburgh Centre for Inflammation Research, under the new Directorship of Professor David Dockrell, is an internationally leading research Centre that brings together outstanding clinical and basic science researchers to study inflammation in health and disease

Inflammation is an important process used by the body to fight infection and heal injuries, and is often noticed as soreness and swelling. However, if inflammation is not controlled correctly by the body it can contribute to a wide range of common and serious diseases.

Video: CIR Video 2016 Final
Centre for Inflammation Research overview video, detailing the research focus of the Centre. Recorded and produced in 2016.


Centre for Inflammation Research at The University of Edinburgh aims to:

  • discover how cells function in inflammation and repair, when the body is faced with disease, infection or damage; improving understanding of medical sciences.
  • discover how cells involved in inflammation and repair function in the healthy body; interacting with other cells and microbes, and maintaining health.
  • visualise the cells involved in inflammation and repair inside the body, developing new imaging techniques; promoting more effective diagnosis.
  • create new treatments that alter the function of the cells involved in inflammation and repair to combat diseases; improving lives and curing diseases.
  • promote excellence in scientific training and career development.


In additional, the Centre’s Public Engagement and Communications Committee aims to stimulate interaction between our researchers and the public around the themes, ambitions and ethos underpinning our research. This is achieved through a range of inflammation-focused activities and resources that will:

  • share our research findings and goals in an accessible manner,
  • encourage discussion around our research ambitions,
  • increase scientific awareness and opportunities for children,
  • promote a positive perception of science,
  • increase uptake of scientific careers,
  • teach basic scientific principles and approaches.


Centre for Inflammation Research at The University of Edinburgh Public Engagement and Communications Committee is chaired by Dr Donald J. Davidson.

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CIR Public Engagement Committees

Public Engagement & Communications from the Centre are mainly delivered through a committee structure, which allows staff and students to work collaboratively, share experience, celebrate their achievements and discuss strategy. As we move towards more collaborative working across the Institute for Regeneration and Repair (IRR), membership of the committees has changed to reflect this. Current PE&C Committee and Subcommittee members are recorded here.