Infection Medicine

Dr Nila Roy Choudhury

I currently work on the E3 ubiquitin ligase Trim25, a novel RNA binding protein, that has an important role in innate immunity.

Dr Nila Roy Choudhury

Postdoctoral Fellow - Michlewski Group

  • The Chancellors Building
  • 49 Little France Crescent
  • Edinburgh, EH16 4SB

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I did my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Laboratory Science at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Following this I acquired a PhD in Molecular Virology at the University of Edinburgh. Since then I have been working as a postdoc in the Michlewski group.



I currently work on the E3 ubiquitin ligase Trim25, a novel RNA binding protein, that has an important role in innate immunity. I am exploring the functional importance of its RNA binding ability in cell biology and during viral infection.


Relevant Publications

Kooshapur, H., Choudhury, N.R., Simon, B., Mühlbauer, M., Jussupow, A., Fernandez, N., Jones, A.N., Dallmann, A., Gabel, F., Camilloni, C., Michlewski, G*., Caceres, J.F*., and Sattler, M*. Structural basis for terminal loop recognition and stimulation of pri-miRNA-18a processing by hnRNP A1. (2018) Nat Commun. 2018 9:2479 (* - co-corresponding)

Choudhury, N.R., and Michlewski, G. Quantitative identification of proteins that influence miRNA biogenesis by RNA pull-down-SILAC mass spectrometry (RP-SMS). (2018) Methods 18:30052-5.

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Choudhury, N.R., Nowak, J.S., Zuo J., Rappsilber, J., Spoel H.S., and Michlewski, G. Trim25 is an RNA-specific activator of Lin28a/TuT4-mediated uridylation. (2014) Cell Rep. 4:1265-72.

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Choudhury, N.R., de Lima Alves, F., de Andrés-Aguayo, L., Graf, T., Cáceres, J.F., Rappsilber, J., and Michlewski, G. Tissue-specific control of brain-enriched miR-7 biogenesis. (2013) Genes Dev. 27: 24-38. Evaluated by Faculty of 1000 Biology