Infection Medicine

Dr Rebecca Sutherland

Dr Rebecca Sutherland is a Consultant in Infectious Diseases at the Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

Rebecca graduated in Medicine (1999) and Immunology (1996) at the University of Edinburgh. She went on to complete higher specialist training in both Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Oxford. During her time in Oxford she was an MRC fellow in the Department of Immunology, under the guidance of Professor Andrew McMichael, looking at the T cell responses to a target HIV vaccine. She was also clinician on the IAVI Oxford- Nairobi HIV vaccine trial.

Following a period of time as a medical officer in rural Kwa Zulu Natal, where she helped set up the first anti retroviral clinic in that area, she returned to gain her CCT in infection in 2012.

She is involved in infection rounds and antimicrobial stewardship rounds on both the Royal Infirmary and WGH sites. She is an active member of the Hepatitis C and HIV treatment team.

Selected Publications

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