Infection Medicine

Dr Clark D Russell

Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases and Honorary Clinical Fellow with DIPM

Dr Clark D Russell

Clinical Lecturer in Infectious Diseases

  • UoE Centre for Inflammation Research
  • Infectious Diseases & Microbiology registrar
  • Regional Infectious Diseases Unit, Edinburgh

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I am a speciality registrar in Infectious Diseases and Medical Microbiology (Regional Infectious Diseases Unit, Edinburgh) and a Wellcome-funded ECAT Clinical Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh (Centre for Inflammation Research and Roslin Institute).

Researchin a nutshell

Serotype 1 Streptococcus pneumoniae are unusual amongst pneumococci as they exhibit a low nasopharyngeal carriage rate, high attack rate and strong association with invasive disease in healthy hosts, indicating they are well adapted to evade the host immune response. My PhD project aims to gain insight from serotype 1 pneumococci to identify the critical macrophage microbicidal mechanisms that these successful pathotypes have evolved to evade. Such host responses are likely to be critical for pneumococcal killing and could represent rational therapeutic targets. I am supervised by Prof. David Dockrell, Prof. Ross Fitzgerald and Dr. Kenneth Baillie (University of Edinburgh) and collaborate with Prof. Tim Mitchell (University of Birmingham).

This work is part of the MRC AMR Shield consortium, investigating novel host based antimicrobial responses to AMR bacteria. I am funded by an ‘ECAT/Wellcome Trust PhD Training Fellowship for Clinicians’ award.