Infection Medicine

Host-Pathogen Interactions

This research theme investigates host-pathogen interactions that are vital to our understanding of host biology, infectious diseases and effective therapies.

Host-Pathogen Interactions is a research grouping of biomedical scientists investigating the molecular, cellular, organismal and populational mechanisms in sensing and evading pathogens, virus/bacteria host interaction, pathogen defence mechanisms and pathological consequences of infection.

Our overarching goal is to combine basic research with clinical studies to design novel, more effective interventions and therapies against pathogenic infections.

Name Research Interest
Auer, Manfred Chemical and translational biology
Haas, Jürgen Genome-wide screens for host factors determining susceptibility
Makrantoni ,Vasso How human fungal pathogens adapt and thrive under different stress conditions
Michlewski, Gracjan Roles of RNA-related pathways in human biology and disease
Ramalingam, Sandeep Host-Pathogen Interaction to determine susceptibility
Scortti, Mariela Molecular determinants of bacterial virulence
Sloan, Richard Host encoded antiviral factors that inhibit HIV and other retroviruses
Templeton, Kate Host-Pathogen Interaction to determine susceptibility
Vazquez-Boland,  Jose Infection biology of bacterial intracellular pathogens