Infection Medicine

Antimicrobial Resistance

This research theme explores the molecular mechanisms that underpin antimicrobial resistance in facilitating microbial survival under drug and immune challenge.

Antimicrobial Resistance is one of the greatest healthcare challenges of our time. Accordingly, our research encompasses the spectrum of fundamental pathogen biology, accelerating diagnostic development and implementing novel therapies in the treatment of infectious diseases. 

Name Research Interest
Auer, Manfred Chemical and translational biology
Bachmann, Till Diagnostics innovation in the context of targeted and effective antibiotic therapy
Dorai-Schneiders, Thamarai Role of intrinsic mechanisms that contribute to the evolution of antibiotic resistance
Makrantoni, Vasso How human fungal pathogens adapt and thrive under different stress conditions
Jones, Josh Development of bacteriophage therapy
Scortti, Mariela Molecular determinants of bacterial virulence
Vazquez-Boland,  Jose Infection biology of bacterial intracellular pathogens