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Alzheimer’s Research Challenge Winner | Prof Richard Lathe

Prof Richard Lathe is one of eight to be awarded the Alzgerm Quest Prize.

Richard Lathe, Honorary Fellow and Professor at Infection Medicine, University of Edinburgh, has received the Alzgerm Quest Prize for research on the potential involvement of infectious agents in the pathoetiology of Alzheimer’s disease ( Prof. Lathe is one of eight to be recognised for their work in this field, and receives USD 25000.

Prof Richard Lathe

Other awardees include Profs Rima McCleod (University of Chicago), Ruth Itzhaki (Universities of Oxford and Manchester), Hugo Lövheim (Umeå University, Sweden), May Baydoun (National Institute on Aging, Bethesda), and Stephen Dominy (Cortexyme, San Francisco).

Lathe, Itzhaki, and Lövheim previously collaborated on a highly cited expert opinion published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease1. Current work, in collaboration with Juergen Haas (Professor of Viral Genomics in the Division), aims to characterize the spectrum of microbes in human brain in health and disease.

  • Itzhaki, R., Lathe, R., and 32 others (2016) Microbes and Alzheimer’s disease. J. Alzheimers Dis. 51, 979–984