Antimicrobial Resistance


Joint Programming Initiative on AMR (JPIAMR) working group AMR Rapid Diagnostic Tests (AMR-RDT)

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) has become a global threat and rapid diagnostics are urgently needed to tackle this challenge. To identify barriers to the development, implementation and use of rapid diagnostics and propose a roadmap to future solutions we are launching AMR Rapid Diagnostic Tests (AMR-RDT) as a multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary working group with global reach. It brings together over 50 key individuals and organisations from 15 countries worldwide that are active in the field of diagnostics and antimicrobial resistance. This unprecedented body of expertise and the access it brings to national and international institutions, and networks will amplify the reach and implementation of the working group’s outputs. AMR-RDT will concentrate on five overarching topics: Need & Target Product Profiles, Technologies, Development Roadmaps, Business Models, and Behavioural Change. The working group will focus on human healthcare but also recognises the importance of One Health aspects. AMR-RDT is funded as a one-year project by the UK Medical Research Council under the frame of the Joint Programming Initiative on AMR (JPIAMR) and is coordinated by Till Bachmann at the University of Edinburgh. 


Dr Till Bachmann Deputy Head of Division Division of Infection & Pathway Medicine, Edinburgh Medical School, the University of Edinburgh, UK.

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