Infection Medicine

Academic partners

Infection Medicine works on a highly collaborative basis in interdisciplinary integrated research projects. We work with many groups in the UK and have strategic partnerships with a number of research centres worldwide.

University of Edinburgh Partnerships

We have strong links with the following centres within the University:

Biomathematics & Statistics Scotland

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases


COSMIC (Collaborative Optical Spectroscopy Micromanipulation & Imaging Centre)

Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre

Institute of Immunology and Infection Research

ESRC Innogen Centre

MRC Centre for Inflammation Research

Roslin Institute

Scottish Microelectronics Centre

University of Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre

University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry

Global Partnerships

We also have international research projects with leading institutes worldwide, and through our Consortium partners.

RNAi Global Initiative

SBGN (Systems Biology Graphical Notation)