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One health

Stories about how the health of humans, animals and ecosystems are tightly bound together.

One Health is, essentially, about the interrelated nature of life on earth. Sickness in animals can have a devastating effect on the human world. Environmental ruin can cause food shortages for people and animals alike. Our One Health research encompasses issues such as food security, over-grazing, pollution, market economies, waste management, policy and politics.

Discover how Edinburgh's influence helps shape and inform our approach to One Health.

Deer reveal nature’s secrets across half a century

deer on a beach
A 50-year study of red deer on a remote Scottish island is providing new insights into evolution in action and the impact of climate change in the natural world.

The truth about cats and dogs (and the climate)

dachshund dog and a ginger cat
Owning a pet has an impact on the planet - almost as much as flying a private jet, according to some. But there are ways to reduce their environmental pawprint.

From above the Earth to the plate

Food production is under strain as demand grows, especially in areas buffeted by climate change. Data from satellites – combined with more earthly information – can help feed the world.

A sea change in the law

The wealth of marine life and priceless geological features in Scotland's coastal waters are at risk from activities such as fishing and mining. A legal tweak could turn the tide.

Cracking the cattle conundrum

Cows are plentiful in East Africa, yet many children in the region lack the vital nutrients the animals could provide. One researcher is on a mission to tackle hunger by finding out why.

How smartphones are fighting rabies in Africa

A puppy is vaccinated at static point vaccination clinic in Blantyre, Malawi
Parts of the continent are still blighted by one of the world's deadliest diseases. An app is helping to turn the tide.