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This digital life

Research into how data and digital technologies are changing how we live and work, the breakthroughs shaping this future, and insights into the implications.

AI's moment of truth

A robot holds scales of justice in hands
AI is creating increasingly convincing, but fake, versions of reality. What does this mean for professions that pursue veracity, such as the law and journalism?

Looking back to the future of Edinburgh’s AI legacy

Edinburgh is celebrating 60 years of computer science and AI research. Take a closer look at some of the key discoveries, now embedded in everyday life, and the people behind them.

Seeing the Universe in a new light

Cosmic cliffs
How did the first galaxies form? What is it like on distant worlds? The most powerful space telescope ever constructed is helping Edinburgh scientists answer some of the biggest questions in the Universe.

Humanising artificial intelligence

Dr Leonidas Doumas at the University has created a system that transcends current machine learning and could hold the key to making computers learn the way humans do.

Balancing data power with data privacy

Digital security padlock with encrypted binary code on abstract circuit board.
Interweaving sets of public information can reveal powerful patterns and insights. But can it be done without damaging the public's trust that their data is being used appropriately? An Edinburgh team has some ingenious solutions.

Making data count against child abuse

The battle against child exploitation takes place in dark territory. A new global institute will use data to cast light into the gloom and ensure children are seen and heard in the fight.

A new spin on the Universe

The Universe is full of spin – from the micro whirl of a molecule to the epic revolution of a galaxy. Experts have now identified possibly the largest of them all.

How data can target Covid financial support to those in need

A new partnership is delivering insights into how the coronavirus pandemic has affected people’s income, spending, and saving. The findings will help shape the economic recovery and future financial support schemes, while keeping customers’ data safe and secure.

How to build eco-friendly cryptocurrencies

The huge carbon footprint of Bitcoin and its ilk means the colour of digital money is a sooty grey. Researchers have found a way to make virtual greenbacks actually green.

Rise and rise of the machines

ARCHER2 cabinets
The arrival of a cutting-edge AI supercomputer in Edinburgh marks the next stage of the University’s storied history with some of the world’s most powerful systems.