Edinburgh Impact

Our people

Meet the individuals making a difference.

Breaking the chains of fossil fuel dependency

A global campaign, coordinated by an Edinburgh alumna, secured a 35-country commitment at COP26 that will move US$24 billion of public finance away from fossil fuel investments and into clean energy initiatives.

With an AI to the future

Will artificial intelligence provide the answers to everything or spell the downfall of humankind? Professor Michael Rovatsos unravels the hype and asks if we really want to make machines that think just like us.

Guiding us through the pandemic

Photo of Professor Linda Bauld by Lawrence Winram.
Professor Linda Bauld’s public health expertise has been invaluable to politicians and the public throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

Lights, camera, action

Black and white photo of Lynda Myles smiling to camera and stood in from of a food van.
A leading figure of the film industry, alumna Lynda Myles reflects on how her experience at the University of Edinburgh shaped her whole career.

Stitching it all together

Great British Sewing Bee winner Serena Baker
Completing the fourth year of a medicine degree during a UK-wide lockdown would test anyone’s limits. Serena Baker managed to win a national televised competition too, claiming victory in 2021’s Great British Sewing Bee.

Music Beyond Borders

two small children refugees walking through camp
As a composer and educator, Dee Isaacs' passion is to improve the lives of marginalised people through the power of music.

Ahead of the game

A portrait photograph of Elena Höge
Edinburgh alumna Elena Höge shares how she launched a startup company to build educational adventure games that focus on sustainability.

The sky’s no limit

Professor Catherine Heymans Maverick Photo Agency
As the first female Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Professor Catherine Heymans is on a mission to lift our eyes to the marvels of the universe.