Edinburgh Impact

Our people

Meet the individuals making a difference.

King of the dinosaurs

Steve Brusatte stands in front of a dinosaur skeleton smiling to camera
Fistbumping movie stars, getting messages from Hollywood directors and making dinosaurs fluffy – it’s all in a day’s work for Professor Steve Brusatte as an adviser on the newest film in the Jurassic Park franchise.

Programming the future of education

A man looks at his computer in thought
Digital education expert Professor Sian Bayne is challenging us to see technology not just as a tool for learning, but as something that fundamentally alters how we learn.

A model of health

Photograph of Professor Evi Theodoratou
When it comes to applying modelling to improve global health, Professor Evropi Theodoratou is an expert.

Tackling life’s big questions head on

Mona Siddiqui stands in front of Old College building at dusk.
Academics can be perceived as working in isolation, within specialist areas of expertise, but the reality is far from that and leads many to have a very public and engaged existence.

Using genetics to treat ovarian cancer

Professor Charlie Gourley on a roof balcony looking to camera with Edinburgh skyline in the background
Medical oncologist and clinical scientist, Professor Charlie Gourley, is improving the outcomes of patients with ovarian cancer by matching them to the right drugs.

Breaking the chains of fossil fuel dependency

A global campaign, coordinated by an Edinburgh alumna, secured a 35-country commitment at COP26 that will move US$24 billion of public finance away from fossil fuel investments and into clean energy initiatives.

With an AI to the future

Will artificial intelligence provide the answers to everything or spell the downfall of humankind? Professor Michael Rovatsos unravels the hype and asks if we really want to make machines that think just like us.

Guiding us through the pandemic

Photo of Professor Linda Bauld by Lawrence Winram.
Professor Linda Bauld’s public health expertise has been invaluable to politicians and the public throughout the Covid-19 crisis.