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Education is key to UK’s net-zero transition

Green skills and career pathways must be embedded into every part of education in the UK to help meet climate targets and ensure people thrive in a zero-carbon economy.

Can leaders’ missteps guide Africa’s Covid path?

Power has offered politicians precious little protection from the pandemic but lessons learned could be of lasting benefit

A blunt approach is no antidote to vaccine hesitancy

Facts are somewhat ineffective in fighting the spread of misinformation. Building trust, rather than flashing credentials, is key.

The Brexit vote and the Union: Scotland five years on

The 2016 referendum decision to leave the EU shook the UK to its constitutional core. The aftershocks may yet loosen Scotland's place in the Union.

Use the G7 to revolutionise global health data and prevent next Covid-19

The meeting of the world's most powerful states is an opportunity for the UK to build a data-driven system that could inoculate the world against another pandemic.

Mental health pressures will linger long after lockdown

The number of people with mental illness was rising before the pandemic. Easing restrictions is not enough to improve their lives.

Kerala’s Covid story serves as a cautionary tale

The best of intentions can easily be undone when complacency, callousness and incompetence are rife at the highest level.

No power without wisdom: Covid’s hard lesson

The pandemic has brutally exposed our lack of respect for moral and social knowledge. This must be relearned, quickly.