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Governments need to begin fighting climate change at home

Protesters at COP27 hold banners calling for rich countries to pay for climate change
Leaders need to do more to signal that the only future is a green one. Otherwise the financial sector will have an excuse to continue to bet on fossil fuels.

How a low-expectation COP both surprised and disappointed

COP27 may have delivered a fund for the most vulnerable countries, but it also buried the goal of limiting warming to 1.5C and wounded the 2C target too.

What will a successful Qatar World Cup look like?

General view of stadium in Qatar during world cup opening ceremony
Thirty-two nations have travelled to Qatar to bring home football’s ultimate prize. The tiny Gulf state has little chance of winning, but its goals go beyond sporting success.

Annual Covid boosters should be like the flu shot

A person receives a vaccination from a nurse.
An yearly jab ahead of winter could become as routine as treating the flu. For the world to live alongside Covid-19 and to protect the most vulnerable, it is the most sensible option.

Why talking more about menopause at work is... complicated

A woman lies down with arm placed over eyes
There are many upsides for workplaces being more open about menopause, but employers should be aware of potentially unexpected pitfalls too.

Eat your green bugs: why Europeans should eat more insects

Cricket and chop sticks
The environmental gains are significant - swap beef for bugs and get the same protein and nutrients at a fraction of the impact. But do Westerners have the stomach for it?

The UK is 280 million years late for a fracking boom

Why lifting the ban on shale gas exploration is contradicted by geological knowledge, public opinion, and climate change action.

The Queen helped turn the ruins of British Empire into a force for good

The British Empire was brutal, humiliating and unwelcome for many, yet, under Queen Elizabeth II's guidance, the Commonwealth helped bring some healing in its wake.