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OpenAI corporate chaos reveals the war between AI 'doomers' and 'boomers'

Sam Altman speaking on stage
Creating two camps in discussions of AI's future - those seeing opportunity versus those seeing a threat - is overly simplistic and could actually be a distraction.

Will selling Covid boosters on the high street improve uptake?

doctor filling up a medical injection
Next year Covid boosters will be available to buy from pharmacists and private healthcare providers. The potential effect on the the virus's spread is unclear.

Is compassion something we can ever expect in the economy?

mans hand reaching out towrads the camera
Corporate scandals make greed seem an inevitable outcome of the economy. Can compassion take root in such a hard-nosed system?

Why we need to SHAPE innovation

Image shows an elderly woman sat down, laughing besides a robot.
For technological innovation to be our salvation, we need to bring social sciences, humanities and the arts for people and the economy (SHAPE) into research much earlier on.

Kids awaiting neurodivergent diagnoses need more help

Upset child covers ears in classroom
Many neurodivergent children across the UK are waiting for up to three years for assessment and diagnosis. More must be done to provide early support for these children.

Russia’s war against its own future

Close up of Vladimir Putin's face
One year on from its invasion of Ukraine, how has the conflict affected Russia's view of its leaders and place in the world? Disinterest is rife, dissent is scarce, and a dictatorship is settling in.

Food price rises could see millions go hungry in 2023

Aerial view of combine harvesters operating in a field
Soaring fertiliser costs could see food prices rise further in 2023, leading to millions more people being undernourished. Is this the end of an era of cheap food?

Governments need to begin fighting climate change at home

Protesters at COP27 hold banners calling for rich countries to pay for climate change
Leaders need to do more to signal that the only future is a green one. Otherwise the financial sector will have an excuse to continue to bet on fossil fuels.