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How Russia's upside down, looking-glass worldview is driving the Ukrainian war

Paranoia, rising authoritarianism and revitalised imperialism are combining with devastating effect in the Russian political realm. Putin's dangerous, alternative reality has led to atrocities in Ukraine - and it might not stop there.

Putin should fear a war crimes trial

Vladimir Putin
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has reenergised respect for international law. Moves to punish the invaders may be slow, but there is new found enthusiasm for the systems that may see Vladimir Putin face justice.

How climate change threatens Europe’s food

Hands holding grain
Global warming poses a direct risk to European food production this century, says Dr Peter Alexander, one of the lead authors of a new UN report on climate change. If the abundant continental larder is to avoid becoming threadbare, action must be taken now.

Why talking more about periods benefits everyone

Image of woman's pants with period
A crippling taboo still hangs over periods. Women are constantly adjusting their lives in the face of a society that remains uncomfortable with menstruation, leaving many unsupported and isolated. This has to change.

Was COP26 a success?

The climate summit in Glasgow saw the planet take major steps towards addressing the climate crisis, but stumble attempting the giant leap needed to limit warming to 1.5C.

Good COP or bad COP?

Incremental progress was made in Glasgow, but change needs to happen faster. The climate does not wait for politics, and it remains headed for an ever deeper crisis.

COP26: Are we looking for success in the wrong places?

Large globe hanging from the ceiling at COP26
To find real progress at the summit look past world leaders shaking hands to what is happening beyond the negotiating rooms.

Education is key to UK’s net-zero transition

Green skills and career pathways must be embedded into every part of education in the UK to help meet climate targets and ensure people thrive in a zero-carbon economy.