Edinburgh Impact

Inspiring minds

How our learning and teaching is building the next generation of leaders, thinkers and creators.

Bridging the STEM recruitment gap

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, collectively known as STEM subjects, are considered key drivers of a country’s innovation and economic growth. Yet STEM subjects face an ongoing recruitment problem – one the Hands-On! student society has been established to tackle.

The Edinburgh Ocean Leaders

Two hands outstretched, one holds sea shells and the other holds plastic bottle caps.
Learning at the University of Edinburgh takes many shapes and forms and is not limited to any specific age group. Here, we discover how the University is supporting mid-career graduates to fulfil a shared desire to make the world a better place.

Believe the hype

A group of people all in white t-shirts stand together smiling to camera.
Edinburgh student society HYPED is developing the technology and ideas that could change the way we all travel in the future. HYPED President Stella Antonogiannaki tells us about the potential of high-speed transport systems, learning how to be a leader, and bold ambitions.

The students transforming their University experience

Meet two recent graduates who accessed additional funding support and work experience programmes offered by the University to boost their own self-motivation and follow their dream career paths.

Helping young women see themselves as leaders

Small group of young women meeting in an office
Focusing on younger women and helping them develop a leadership identity earlier in their careers, could be key to redressing the gender imbalance in senior roles.

Edinburgh Cares Mentoring Programme

University of Edinburgh staff are mentoring care-experienced students and supporting their journey through higher education.