Edinburgh Impact

Inspiring minds

How our learning and teaching is building the next generation of leaders, thinkers and creators.

The students transforming their University experience

Meet two recent graduates who accessed additional funding support and work experience programmes offered by the University to boost their own self-motivation and follow their dream career paths.

Helping young women see themselves as leaders

Small group of young women meeting in an office
Focusing on younger women and helping them develop a leadership identity earlier in their careers, could be key to redressing the gender imbalance in senior roles.

Edinburgh Cares Mentoring Programme

University of Edinburgh staff are mentoring care-experienced students and supporting their journey through higher education.

Feeding the community

Display of Hearty Squirrel produce
A number of student societies at the University are taking an interest in the food on our plates and helping ensure everybody has some…

Heroes of education

The University of Edinburgh's Access Programme is helping those who missed their first opportunity to study for a University degree. Now students of all ages and backgrounds can return to higher education.

Enhancing wellbeing, building community

Two people sitting chatting in a relaxed manner.
The coronavirus pandemic revealed the importance of community and belonging within higher education institutions but long before Covid-19 threw a spotlight on this, the University’s School of Economics was tackling the challenge with the appointment of a Student Welfare Manager.