Edinburgh Impact

Edinburgh Impact

How the University community is making its mark upon the world through its research, innovation, ideas and actions.

To help the haulage sector meet climate targets the UK's motorways are being electrified. How do you efficiently wire up a complex road network while keeping on trucking? 

Photo of Professor Linda Bauld by Lawrence Winram.

Professor Linda Bauld’s public health expertise has been invaluable to politicians and the public throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

Across five areas of excellence our researchers are tackling big questions, adding to our collective understanding and forging bold new paths through innovation. These are their stories.


Comment and analysis on today’s biggest issues from Edinburgh's world-leading experts.

Inspiring minds

How our learning and teaching is building the next generation of leaders, thinkers and creators.

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How the University is using its influence for the benefit of Edinburgh, Scotland and beyond.