Institute of Genetics and Cancer

IGMM seminar series 2017

The IGMM Seminar Series attracts distinguished scientists from around the world working in the fields of genetics, molecular medicine and cancer research, and whose research complements that being done at IGMM.



Unless stated, all seminars take place on Thursdays at 1pm in the IGMM Lecture Theatre 

Tuesday 10 January: TRACERx – Chromosomal Order and Chaos

Professor Charles Swanton, Francis Crick Institute

Host: Professor Margaret Frame

Thursday 26 January: mRNA cap regulation and cellular decisions

Professor Vicky Cowling, University of Dundee

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore


*CANCELLED* Thursday 2 February: Why there is more to gene evolution than protein function: splicing and dual coding sequence

Professor Laurence Hurst, University of Bath

Host: Dr Greg Kudla

Thursday 9 February: Molecular Tinkering: the Edinburgh scientists who changed the face of modern biology

Dr Ben Martynoga, Francis Crick Institute

Host: Professor Nick Hastie

Thursday 23 February: How difficult-to-replicate loci drive chromosome instability and human disease

Professor Ian Hickson, Panum Institute, Copenhagen

Host: Dr Andrew Wood


Thursday 2 March: Diversification in Alzheimer's disease; beyond amyloid and tau for therapy and biomarkers

Professor Simon Lovestone, University of Oxford

Host: Professor David Porteous

Thursday 9 March: O-GlcNAc signalling in development and disease

Professor Dan Van Aalten, University of Dundee

Host: Dr Maria Christophorou

Friday 17 March: Regulation and function of noncoding RNAs in mammalian physiology and cancer

Professor Josh Mendell, UT Southwestern

Host: Professor Javier Caceres

Thursday 23 March: How replication impediments impair epigenetic memory

Dr Julian Sale, MRC LMB

Host: Professor Andrew Jackson

Thursday 30 March: Using human genetics and genomics to unravel causal mechanisms for diabetes

Professor Anna Gloyn, University of Oxford

Host: Professor Helen Colhoun


Monday 10 April: The resolution of phenotypic, genetic and cellular heterogeneity in Hirschprung Disease

Professor Aravinda Chakravarti, Johns Hopkins

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore

Thursday 27 April: Understanding mechanisms of estrogen receptor activity in breast cancer

Dr Jason Carroll, University of Cambridge

Host: Dr Duncan Sproul


Tuesday 2 May: Epigenetic memory over geological timescales

Professor Hiten Madhani, University of California San Francisco

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore

Thursday 4 May:   Neurodegeneration: from molecules to medicines

Professor Giovanna Mallucci, University of Cambridge

Host: Professor Nick Hastie

Tuesday 9 May:  Transcriptional dynamics in living Drosophila embryos

Professor Mike Levine, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, Princeton

Host: Professor Wendy Bickmore

Thursday 11 May:  DNA breakage and human genetic disease

Professor Keith Caldecott, Genome Damage and Stability Centre, University of Sussex

Host: Professor Andrew Jackson

Thursday 18 May:  Charting the genetic architecture of the response to DNA damage  

Dr Dan Durocher Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum, Research Institute, Toronto

Host: Professor Andrew Jackson

*CANCELLED* Thursday 25 May: To be announced

Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz, University of Cambridge

Host: Professor Nick Hastie


Thursday 1 June:  Inter-generational epigenetic memory and forgetting

Dr Ben Lehner, CRG Barcelona

Host: Professor Chris Ponting

Friday 23 June:  Variation and evolution in transcription factor-DNA interactions

Professor Martha Bulyk,Harvard University

Host: Dr Duncan Sproul

Thursday 29 June:  A forward genetic suppressor screen in Mecp2 mice reveals that lipid metabolism is a therapeutic target in Rett syndrome

Professor Monica Justice, Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto

Host: Professor Ian Jackson

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